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About Samport
Samport is one of the most popular suppliers of payment solutions and terminal products. The company has around 50 employees and more than 3,000 customers throughout the Nordic region. Most of our customers have chosen Samport because of our customised technology and its high level of security.

Website address: http://www.samport.com/

Modul System





About ModulSystem
Modul-System Sweden AB is active in the area of payment and ticketing systems for car parking and public transport. It supplies customized solutions after the requirements of the customers. Modul-System has been active on the market since 1989 and its business idea is to provide customer adapted solutions for small payments to the Swedish market. Modul-System has proved its own ability to deliver complete and complex systems to many demanding customers in Sweden.

Website address: http://www.modulsystem.se/home.aspx





About Ingenico
Ingenico is a leading provider of payment solutions, with over 17 million terminals deployed in more than 125 countries. Its 3,600 employees worldwide support retailers, banks and service providers to optimize and secure their electronic payments solutions, develop their offer of services and increase their point of sales revenue.

Website address: http://www.ingenico.com






About Gemalto
Gemalto stands as the world leader in Trusted Service Management, with 450 Mobile Network Operators customers and 300 financial institutions customers. Gemalto’s state of the art TSM platform guarantees high availability, scalability and security to our customers.A trusted solution provider – with our unmatched experience in Telecom and Banking and a prestigious TSM references list, we, at Gemalto, provide the most secure installation and management of NFC applications on mobile phones. An in-depth knowledge of the telecom and banking sectors – with an unrivalled track record through 50 NFC projects worldwide by 2011, Gemalto is ideally positioned to successfully support service providers and MNOs in their NFC initiatives.

Website address: www.gemalto.com







Website address: www.hidglobal.com






Website address: www.point.se




Website address: http://pricer.com/

Fidesmo is a technology startup building and operating a Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for remote management of secure mobile applications. Fidesmo’s TSM is a cloud-based platform that can be used for applications in many different vertical industries, connected to companies controlling Secure Elements: mobile operators, handset manufacturers, microSD providers, M2M device operators, etc. Fidesmo exposes a set of standardized interfaces to Service Providers, granting them access to a wide customer base in one single integration and dramatically lowering the cost and complexity of participating in the NFC and M2M ecosystems. Founded in 2013, Fidesmo is headquartered in Stockholm with an additional office in Madrid. For more information please visit fidesmo.com.