Editor’s note

Though NFC is still in its childhood years, it is generally expected to become ubiquitous in the coming years.  Indeed, Gartner estimates that 50% of smartphones will have NFC capability by 2015. But even before that actually happens, we will certainly witness a steeply growing number of trials and test projects all around the world. In fact, what really makes the future of NFC bright is the wide range of deployment areas.

Mobile payment is naturally one of the core areas where a revolution is expected. While Gartner expects that worldwide mobile payment transaction values will surpass USD 171.5 billion in 2012, Frost & Sullivan predicts that in 2015 NFC will be the most used solution for mobile payments.  But NFC will definitely change our lives in many other areas as well. NFC mobile devices will be widely used in transit ticketing and serve as intelligent keys or access passes. NFC devices will authenticate their holders.  Club cards and loyalty coupons will be phased out.  And (probably) most importantly, NFC has the potential to change our social relationships. By this, NFC will open new windows for marketing pioneers. Completely new ways to address customers and transmit messages will be discovered.  And this is what will make NFC more than just a hip phenomenon

NFC revolution on the doorstep

Even the less ambitious researchers agree that the NFC technology will bring a revolutionary change to our everyday lives in the next few years. Your mobile phone will be your wallet, your bus ticket, your key, your ID, your membership card – an inseparable friend wherever you go. Is it a sci-fi movie? No, this is NFC.

In January 2012 Stockholm hosted the first Nordic NFC event featuring forefront case studies and fruitful discussions about harnessing the full potential of NFC. As in 2012, NFC Symposium 2013 remains to be the number one meeting place in Scandinavia for all the key stakeholders of the NFC ecosystem including banks, MNOs, credit card companies, device manufacturers, infrastructure suppliers, secure
element issuers, TSMs, retailers and many more.
Building on the highly appreciated feedback of our delegates and partners, this year we will lay an even stronger focus on customer experience and adoption. Through inspiring case study presentations we will take you on a tour to learn about the latest trials, pilot projects and launches across Europe.

Just to give you a taste of this year’s agenda, we will focus on:

  • NFC-driven payments, including cell-phone based and other innovative technologies
  • NFC ticketing in diverse domains, such as public transport, airports, culture & tourism
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Access control and authentication
  • Mobile marketing as a tool to increase customer adoption
  • And last but not least: Business models!

NFC Symposium will offer you a unique opportunity to learn from and interact with the key stakeholders from all over Europe and even beyond. Listen to our distinguished speakers in plenum to get the latest updates, follow the panel discussions and challenge panelists with your questions, take part in roundtable discussions to interact with your peers, attend the various networking sessions where valuable business relations are formed – all about NFC.

In short: be part of the revolution!

The date of NFC revolution is not yet set – only for NFC Symposium 2013: 23-25 January.

I look forward to meeting you in Stockholm.

Fruzsina Steiner, Content Manager, NFC Symposium 2013